Helix Wind Turbine
Wind energy for the home!

Die drei Rotarier


Use your own wind power system to minimize your energy costs! For a lifetime!

With the new Helix Wind Turbine WIND OF CHANGE you implement what politicians talk about. Take the energy revolution into your own hands! Use eco-friendly and renewable wind energy to your own advantage! Above a wind speed of only 2.8 m/s (10 km/h) the wind turbine creates your own electrical energy and reduces your costs. Depending on where you live, the investment will pay for itself within a few years! Thus, the HELIX Wind Turbine WIND OF CHANGE is one of the most profitable energy investments ever. Not only private households, but also businesses and municipalities can benefit from the very first minute. We attach particular importance to the durability and high quality of all components. The adjustment to your individual power distribution will be tailored by us to your needs. Whether its your own consumption, direct connection to your immersion heater, feeding into the national power grid, battery storage or a smart combination of these usages, we provide you with the optimal solution!


Research and Development from aerospace engineering!

A lot of time, money and energy has gone into the development of the Helix Wind Turbine WIND OF CHANGE. Thousands of development hours have been expended in order to get to the serial production of the wind turbine. Our goal was to develop a wind generator, which is based on the latest technologies. With this energy system, we have developed a fine balance between performance, reliability and investment costs.

The Savonius rotor has been around since 1927. We have optimized this invention with currently available lightweight materials, latest aerodynamic findings of open, fully perfused helix shapes and the most modern production processes.
The third quality criterion is the power electronics system, which has been specially tailored for this helix wind turbine and precisely tuned to the PMG generator. The ultra-lightweight construction, in combination with the mechanical flow optimized design of the vertical wind turbine, with its characteristic helical shape and the customized power electronics, ensures that the Helix Wind turbine Wind of Change provides a performance increase of over 28 percent compared with all known conventional vertical turbines!


Testing via extensive material, load and endurance tests!

5-axis CNC high-precision machining

High-strength fiber composite materials

All sorts of lightweight materials have been tried and tested - from glass fibers and carbon fibers to aramid fabrics and high-performance ceramics! All materials that we use for the Helix Wind Turbine WIND OF CHANGE, have a virtually unlimited service life. In the unlikely event of a jammed rotor, at the highest wind resistance and simultaneous exposure to a wind speed of 35 m/s, the tension in all the parts, is well below the lowest stress limits of the materials used. The wind turbine fulfills the robust strength requirements for all four wind zones in Germany.


Service Life, Guaranteed Quality & Certification
High tech from Germany!

Carbon NanotubusNaturally, we have very carefully selected the German suppliers who contribute the individual components of the wind turbine series. All partners are from the aerospace engineering industry, have many years of technology experience and meet the highest quality standards, including current ISO standards. All components comply with the European CE Standard for Germany. With the correct installation and operation, you can expect an almost unlimited service life of the Helix Wind Turbine WIND OF CHANGE. The Helix Wind Turbine WIND OF CHANGE is supplied with all the building regulation and electro technical certificates to install according to your requirements.


Easy Installation!

The Helix Wind Turbine WIND OF CHANGE is securely mounted on the roof, on a pole or on a wall. It uses the renewable power of the wind and converts it into electrical energy. For this reason, this wind turbine is one of the most cost-effective energy systems for stationary, private, commercial, public and mobile use.